Saturday, February 22, 2014

A first step forward

Achieving a goal in life is an incremental process, it requires effort and commitment to take a step forward to get closer to your goal.  Every milestone gives you satisfaction of your hard work, a place to rest and meditate about your progress but also about what is ahead of you, a closer look to your goal.

Big achievements in life take time and require work and commitment. Being intelligent is not enough to get where you want to go, it requires discipline because like Japanese say "one day discipline will defeat the intelligence". Therefore, trying to follow my own ideas and convictions, in order to prepare for writing my master's thesis, I decided to start writing a weekly article about different topics. This will not only take me closer to one of my goals of being a good English writer but also will be a great preparation for writing my thesis. I hope this journey that starts today in Amsterdam brings you closer to get to know how I see the world, and perhaps I get the chance to inspire you and make you join my fight for a better place to live, for a world with more equality and justice, where we share in harmony the world with ALL the living beings.

Finally I want to thank you for your time and effort to read what I wrote. Also encourage you to give me any feedback because without your opinion and criticism I will never be able to improve and reach my goals.