Sunday, October 12, 2014

Truth of friendship

Life is journey where we meet a lot of people. Some people are too busy to bother to help and care about others. Some are just standing by, not doing anything even for themselves. Others have empathy and offer you what they have without expecting anything in return.
 I call this last group of people friends.

Friends are an important part of our lives. They always extend their hands to help you, they give you hope when everything seems bad. They light the road when it's dark; they help you find your path.  

Having empathy allows you to open your heart to others. It brings you to understand how they feel, how they see the world, and how things seem inside their minds. The ability to let others come before you is not act of inferiority, but the act of a true human being. A being that uses
his own intelligence to understand the world, a being that does not seek recognition but accepts that some life situations have more priority than others. Our human intelligence allows us to see that we are not so different from each other. Ethnical groups, beliefs, traditions, religions and nationalities are only the flavors of live that make our world colorful. Its always so interesting to share ideas with others that think differently. It requires an open mind and an open will to see the world through the  eyes of others and learn more about ourselves.

Society has shaped us to be competitive and dictates what’s right or wrong.  It makes us worry about trivial things like how we should look to be attractive or accepted. All the while, deep inside we have no values, compassion or kindness. We must make an effort to stop rushing our lives for a second to see the others that surround  us, and try to understand that they also have problems, families, dreams and goals. Then and only then, we will able to open  our hearts to meet those who may become new friends in our lives willing to help make us better people.

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